Habits for Inspiration

As a college student, the countdown to Spring Break seems endless. I have no motivation to finish assignments or study for midterms. I need a good kick in the rear (as my mama would say) and a dash of inspiration. However, I am not new to the lack of motivation feeling, or the dreaded effect of procrastination. To combat the stress and the heavy workload of procrastination I try and stay motivated and inspired at work, in school, and in my personal life. These habits of inspiration give my brain a break, relieve stress, and give me the charge I need to complete tasks. I want to share these habits with you so that you can be motivated and continually create inspiration in your environment.


A lot of the habits I do include creating, not creativity. I am a structured designer and need guidelines to create. That is why I love recipes. They tell you exactly what you need and how to use it.

If you are feeling sluggish in your daily routine, try cooking a new food. Make eggs a different way for breakfast: try frying an egg or making an omelet. Maybe try food prepping- get your proteins, fruits, and veggies throughout your day and take the stress out of the weekday dinner. If you live with other people, plan a meal for them. Create entrees and sides and even ask for help. Keep in mind, we live in the 21st century- if it burns, appears inedible, or tastes like plastic- you can order a pizza.


Coloring is calming and allows you to be creative without breaking your brain. There are many adult coloring books to choose from. You can use colored pencils, markers, pens, crayons, whatever you have around the house. If you have kids, or babysit, color with them. Honestly, I still color mickey mouse any chance I get.

Getting Outdoors

When our schedules become hectic we often forget to enjoy our surroundings. Whether you are walking to your car after work or strolling in the park, notice the nature around you. Is the sun warming your skin or is the wind chilling your face? Are the birds singing or are cars racing home? Are there any animals near or just shuffling crowds?

Noticing your surroundings is a great way to meditate and relax the mind. Meditations are good for focusing and motivating because your brain becomes stronger.

Listen to MusicSmartphone held in hand displays Spotify music application

Jam out.

Music calms the brain and allows your chaotic thoughts to rest for a minute as you listen to a song.

Listen to throwbacks from your high school prom or sit in peace and listen to a Spotify ‘chill mix’. Listen to a record completely through, most the time the artist is telling a story that is not known in their single.


Take a road trip or plan a vacation, wherever you go be inspired by new surroundings. Take a night out to go to a new restaurant, visit a friend who is only a few hours away, plan the ultimate vacation you have been putting off. If you are renewing your passport or only filling the gas tank- take a break and explore. 


Our most valuable asset is our time. Give back to your community and while you do, gather inspiration from those volunteering next to you and through the work you are doing.

Work at a soup kitchen and learn the stories of those who hold the bowls. Visit your community garden and learn how to grow a new vegetable from your neighbor. Work with kids and allow their innocent smiles to impact your soul.

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