Teacher Gift Guide

The end of the school year is approaching and so is Teacher Appreciation Day. May 8th is a time to acknowledge the amazing work the educators around the nation are doing. Also, it does not hurt to the end the year by saying goodbye with a gift that also says “thanks for caring for my kid”.

But, teachers already have all the candy and coffee mugs in the world. So, here are some gifts they will for sure love!

Carry All Bag $23

Perfect for organizing papers and supplies. Teachers will love to have this bag to carry from school to home.

Tote and Book-Bag $28

Your favorite teacher can carry their favorite books in this tote- it is great for trips to and from the library.

Wood Monogram $28-$32

Personalized monograms are great for classrooms or living rooms. Do not be surprised if your teacher takes this gift home.

Lanyard $8

Who does not need a lanyard? Teachers will be grateful for a gift that lets them be less forgetful.

Decal $4-$8

These vinyl decals can be used for anything- they add a unique touch to water bottles or notebooks.

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